Undergraduate Teaching

UBC Applied Science is offering 3 courses in Pipeline Engineering.  These courses cover required background for designing, building, and managing pipelines. Students who complete a minimum of two of the three courses will receive confirmation of completion of the Specialization in Pipeline Engineering.


    • IGEN 450 (3 credits) Pipeline Engineering I: Pipeline materials and material selection; fracture mechanics; manufacturing and processing; welding and corrosion; soil-pipe interactions; surveying and site investigations; slope stability; natural hazards; pipeline loads and response.


    • IGEN 451 (3 credits) Pipeline Engineering II: Energy infrastructure; pipe flows; equipment & facilities including compressors, pumping stations, coolers and controls; terminals; pipeline integrity; corrosion control.


    • IGEN 452 (3 credits) Pipeline Design: Pipeline and pipeline system design reflecting applicable policies, regulations, design codes and design guidelines; construction management and construction techniques; risk assessment and mitigation; linear optimization; route selection; field monitoring and testing; technical design project

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