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Onshore Pipeline Engineering and Integrity Management Courses

March 2-5, 2020  Vancouver, B.C.

The Pipeline Integrity Institute within the Faculty of Applied Science at the University of British Columbia is excited to provide two courses on Pipeline Engineering and Integrity Management taught by well-known experts in this field, Dr. Phil Hopkins and Dr. Alan Murray.

What will the courses cover?

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  1. the basics of pipeline engineering and
  2. advanced concepts in integrity management

Who should attend?

  • Engineers new to the pipeline business including those requiring a refresher
  • Engineers involved in pipeline integrity management


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Course 1: Introduction to Onshore Pipeline Engineering – by Dr. Phil Hopkins

March 2-3, 2020

Aimed at engineers and practitioners requiring an introduction to or a refresher onshore oil and gas pipeline engineering. The course covers the fundamentals of pipeline engineering from design, to construction, to operation and ultimate abandonment.

Course 2: Pipeline Integrity Management – by Dr. Alan Murray

March 4-5, 2020

Aimed at practicing professionals who are involved with pipeline integrity management. The course covers pipeline integrity management plans, risk assessment and mitigation, and inspection programs.

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