The Pipeline Integrity Institute was launched to champion world-leading pipeline engineering practices and innovation through advance education, training and applied research. The Pipeline Integrity Institute at the University of British Columbia is uniquely positioned to serve this purpose by providing expertise, leadership and training to both sector employees and future engineers.

Areas of Interest

Industry Short Course

Learn about the basics of pipeline engineering and advanced concepts in integrity management through our short courses. Suitable for engineers new to the pipeline business including those requiring a refresher and engineers involved in pipeline integrity management

Undergraduate Courses

UBC Applied Science is offering 3 courses in Pipeline Engineering. These courses cover required background for designing, building, and managing pipelines. Students wo complete a minimum of two of the three courses will receive confirmation of completion of the Specialization in Pipeline Engineering.

Technical Publications

The Institute undertakes engineering research which has direct applicability to assure the integrity of pipelines. Example topics include developing pipeline materials with increased strength, and reduced susceptibility to corrosion, improved coatings, etc.

Our Partners