Partner With Us

Become A Partner

Pipeline Integrity Institute developed in partnership with the sector with partnerships comprising:

  • Industry
  • Provincial and National Government
  • Associations

In addition, the partnership model means that each partner’s investment is significantly multiplied by the other partner investment contributions. The contributions that are allocated to applied research initiatives have an added benefit of being applicable to SR&ED tax credit and opportunity to apply for matching NSERC CRD. When all taken into account each industry dollar results in $15 to $45 in research and graduate training.

Partner Motivation

  • Future technical engineering employees
  • Education/short courses for current employees
  • Access to researchers and facilities
  • Significant investment multiplier
  • Applied outcome research
  • Validation of technology for practice acceptability
  • Impartial technical engineering perspectives

Partner Involvement

  • Defining sector needs
  • Encourage and participate in applied outcome research
  • Participate as guest lecturer(s)
  • Engage graduate interns, co-ops, 4th year projects, graduates
  • Participate in Annual Partners Meeting and a Symposium at UBC

Partnership Benefits

Through the decision to partner with the Pipeline Integrity Institute (PII), your company stands to benefit from not only recruitment and employee training but also access to technical expertise and testing.

Consider participating in guest lectures, collaborating with PII researchers or communicating the results and benefits of our pipeline research programs with industry and the public.

We would be delighted to expand on these concepts in more detail at your convenience. Thank you for considering this unique opportunity.

We invite you read our PII Discussion Paper below for more details.