Undergraduate Courses

UBC Applied Science is offering 3 courses in Pipeline Engineering.  These courses cover required background for designing, building, and managing pipelines. Students who complete a minimum of two of the three courses will receive confirmation of completion of the Specialization in Pipeline Engineering.

For more information about the specialized pipeline engineering courses,  go to integrated engineering, pipeline engineering.

Courses Offered

IGEN 450 (3 credits) Pipeline Engineering I

Pipeline materials and material selection; fracture mechanics; manufacturing and processing; welding and corrosion; hydrogen and carbon dioxide pipelines, soil-pipe interactions; surveying and site investigations; slope stability; natural hazards; pipeline loads and response.

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IGEN 451 (3 credits) Pipeline Engineering II

Energy infrastructure; pipe flows; equipment & facilities including compressors, pumping stations, coolers and controls; terminals; pipeline integrity; corrosion control.

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IGEN 452 (3 credits) Pipeline Design

Pipeline and pipeline system design reflecting applicable policies, regulations, design codes and design guidelines; construction management and construction techniques; risk assessment and mitigation; linear optimization; route selection; field monitoring and testing; technical design project

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Student Testimonials

UBC Engineering students share their experience of elective pipeline engineering courses: