Applied Research

The Institute undertakes engineering research which has direct applicability to assure the integrity of pipelines. Example topics include:

  • developing pipeline materials with increased strength, and reduced susceptibility to corrosion,
  • improved coatings,
  • improved understanding of geotechnical environments, and
  • the design of pipelines to withstand ground movements from landslides and earthquakes.

The objective is to generate research findings that will contribute to the integrity of pipelines and overall sector guidelines. All research is transparent and peer reviewed globally. All findings are communicated in public forums.

Time-lapse video showing the use of ASPIRe™ facility to simulate soil failure around a buried pipe during adjacent ground movement.   

Technical Publications

Dr. Dharma Wijewickreme

Co-Director of Pipeline Integrity Institute, Professor of Civil Engineering, see full publication list and see UBC Civil Engineering profile.

Katebi, M., Wijewickreme, D., Maghoul, P, and Roy, K., 2023. “Lateral force-displacement response of buried pipes in slopes”, Geotechnique,

ElMouchi, A., Siddiqua, S., Salifu, E., Wijewickreme, D. 2022, “Muskeg Soil Stabilization Using the Microbially Induced Calcite Precipitation MICP Technique by the Urease Active Bioslurry Approach”, ASCE Journal of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering, Vol. 148, No. 11: 1347-1357

Zulkoski, C., Wijewickreme, D. and Honegger, D., 2022, “Pipe-CLSM Interface Bond Strength from Axial Pullout Testing”, Proc. 14th International Pipeline Conference (IPC 2022), Calgary, Canada. September 26-30, 2022. Paper No. IPC2022-86117.

Jadhav, P.R. and Wijewickreme, D. 2022, “Approximate Accounting for Corrosion in Estimation of Strain Demand on Buried Pipelines Subject to Ground Displacements“, In Proc. 16th International Conference of International Association for Computer Methods and Advances in Geomechanics (IACMAG), Turin, Italy, August 2022, M. Barla et al. (Eds.): IACMAG 2022, Vol 3, LNCE 288.

Jadhav, P.R. and Wijewickreme, D.  2022, Estimation of Permanent Ground Displacement Capacities for Corroded Pipelines, In Proc. Canadian Society of Civil Engineering Annual Conference (CSCE), Whistler, BC, Canada, May 25-28, 2022.

Dr. Edouard Asselin

Co-Director of Pipeline Integrity Institute, Professor of Materials Engineering, see full publication list and see UBC Materials Engineering profile.

Zargarnezhad, H., Deen, KM., Wong, D., Lam, CNC., Asselin, E. 2023, “CO2 permeation through fusion-bonded epoxy coating in humid environments

Khollari, MAR., Zebardast, H., Asselin, E., 2023, “Nickel-based alloy corrosion in CANDU steam generators: E-pH diagrams of the Ni-NH3-H2O and Ni-CH3COO−-H2O ternary systems

Liu, Y., Asselin, E. 2023, “Effects of solid deposits on the corrosion behaviour of titanium in high acidity and highly oxidising leaching solutions, Corrosion Engineering, Science and Technology 58 (2), 108-115, 2023

Zargarnezhad, H., Zarei, P., Wong, D., Lam, CNC., Asselin, E., 2023, “Oxygen transport through epoxy-based powder coatings in humid environments”, Progress in Organic Coatings 175, 107295, 2023.

Zargarnezhad, H., Asselin, E., Wong, D., Lam, CNC., 2022, “Water transport through epoxy-based powder pipeline coatings”, Progress in Organic Coatings 168, 106874, 2022.